Hi guys, just to announce that Vitus’s slot in DAC module for the multi-award winning RI-100 integated amp is finally here. Myself and UK importers Kog Audio are quite frankly astonished by the level of performance we are getting from this thing. The DAC module essentally turns the RI-100 integrated into a fully fledged control centre … just add speakers for a truly incredible sound for this sort of pricepoint.

The module costs just £2000 and slots into your RI-100 in a simple 15 minute install. It has four digital inputs – USB (dsd64), spdif & Aes (24/192), Toslink – and they are all selectable from the main menu or remote of the RI-100. The performance you get is quite something. Fire a melco or an Aurender into it as well (yes it will work with both) and the overall result is genuinely what you’d expect from a VERY expensive system. So before you go out and blow £20,000 on a pre+power and £10,000 on a dac, be sure to hear what this one box solution can do at a third of the cost.