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Available at Martins Hi-Fi

Vimberg Mino

Our price
£23,000.00 Enquire About This
Image of Vimberg Mino
Available at Martins Hi-Fi

Vimberg Mino

Our price
£23,000.00 Enquire About This
Image of Vimberg Mino
Available at Martins Hi-Fi

Vimberg Mino

Our price
£23,000.00 Enquire About This
Image of Vimberg Mino
Available at Martins Hi-Fi

Vimberg Mino

Our price
£23,000.00 Enquire About This
Image of Vimberg Mino
Available at Martins Hi-Fi

Vimberg Mino

Our price
£23,000.00 Enquire About This
Image of Vimberg Mino

Vimberg Mino

Vimberg Mino at Martins Hi-Fi

Two decades ago we founded the TIDAL Audio GmbH and became worldwide famous for making maybe the finest audio systems under this sky – being said in countless references from the audio press worldwide: TIDAL.

We do know TIDAL is and always will be for most music lovers financially inaccessible, given the second to none uncompromised approach behind it. But with proven consistent excellence, we now go the next step. And make things more possible for a wider audience without compromising the ideals we believe in VIMBERG™.

Clients for real high-end products want and need proven consistency of quality, a real heritage DNA and a waterproof story of “behind the curtain”. VIMBERG™ is not some start-up but is designed and made from the same people making the TIDAL ultra-high-end masterpieces. And by that we mean: the same people with the same engineering skills, the same “we care” attitude and all is being designed and built under the same roof.

Finishes available Gloss Black & Gloss White


Mino or Mino D?

vimber mino

You have the choice: the Mino comes with a 30 mm ceramic tweeter or optional with a 30 mm diamond tweeter. With our unique VIMBERG crossover technology, the ceramic tweeter offers clarity and openness in the high-frequency level rarely heard. And for those who want to have the reference choice we do offer the even more exquisite 30 mm pure diamond tweeter option - and call it Mino D.



Ceramic midrange.

The Mino is being equipped with a 90 mm Accuton ceramic midrange woofer. Despite of its very hard and light diaphragm we managed to integrate this driver without any kind resonances at all and blend it perfectly into the tweeter and the woofers. Like no other.


Aluminium sandwich woofer.

As woofers we do use three 168 mm Accuton woofers with 3D shaped honeycomb sandwich diaphragm made out of aluminum. These woofers do run in a perfectly calculated volume of air volume inside the Mino cabinet to reproduce an extreme fast and deep bass. Like no other.


The architecture of perfect sound.

The VIMBERG Mino crossover is second to none in design and effort. Not only the parts and execution quality is exceptional, more important the topology was designed specifically for these drivers in this very construction. All this does correspond into superb off-axis performance, an ultra linear frequency response and incredible timing. Also the drivers are perfectly blended into each other without having any kind of resonance left. And the real kicker: we do manage all this avoiding impedance drops and low efficiency. Like no other.


Best from both worlds.

The whole high-midrange unit and all woofers of the VIMBERG Mino are being installed into an aluminum front plate and internal aluminum mountings. While being as material for a speaker cabinet a compromised choice since its resonance behaviour, in this case aluminum reinforces the construction of the Mino. In combination with the resonance absorbing waterproof HDF fibre laminate the unit gives extremely tight hold to the drivers for utmost precision.


Stability & Isolation.

The VIMBERG Mino comes with a massive footer, which we do mill out of one block aluminum, a complex shape with many different angles. This stand then is connected to a 5-part isolation device with a Teflon-glider inlay to have the very best isolation and height adjustment to different grounds such as hardwood floors, tiles or even carpet.


Best signals are welcome.

Each VIMBERG loudspeaker is using original Argento binding posts. Being moulded out of a fibre-reinforced polymer it avoids any kind of magnetically interference with the conductor itself. Internally each VIMBERG speaker is being wired with a true highend coaxial cable.


Vimberg Mino Specs

  • 3-way fullrange loudspeaker
  • VIMBERG™ MRD-cabinet made out of waterproof high density fiberlaminate and reinfocring aluminum elements for all drivers
  • 1 x 30 mm Accuton™ Cell ceramic tweeter
  • 1 x 90 mm Accuton™ Cell ceramic midrange woofer
  • 3 x 168 mm Accuton™ Cell woofer, long excursion design with 3D shaped honeycomb sandwich diaphragm
  • optional: 30mm Accuton™ Cell diamond tweeter (Mino D), also upgradeable anytime later
  • highend Mogami™ speaker cable wiring inside, Argento™ binding posts
  • highend crossover with VIMBERG™ monopulse technology: linear frequency response with optimized impulse response
  • exclusive use of Mundorf™ & Duelund™ components
  • Dual-Tune bassreflex port design for lowest port noise and selectable F3
  • Decoupling height adjustable isolation gliders and 3D-shaped installation triggers for optimized setup and placement to every floor
  • Exclusive VIMBERG™ real piano lacquer: summit white or jet black
  • nominal impedance: 4 ohm (lowest point: 3.8 ohm at 100Hz)
  • efficiency at 2.83V/1m/1KHz: 89dB
  • Weight without packagaing: 2 x 72 Kg (2 x 159 lbs.)
  • Weight incl. packaging: 2 x 83 Kg (2 x 183 lbs.)
  • Weight incl. optional ATA flightcases: 2 x 108 Kg (2 x 238 lbs.)
  • Shipment dimensions: W 40cm x L 155 cm x H 60 cm


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