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T+A M 200 Mono Power Amp

T+A M 200 Mono Power Amp


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T+A M 200 Mono Power Amp

The T+A M 200 mono power amplifier has been developed with the sole aim of providing the ultimate in audiophile quality and performance – without any compromise or limitation. To this end the M 200 combines the fine detail, resolution and detail dynamics of T+A’s hugely esteemed A 200 stereo power amplifier with an output of more than 400 Watt. The T+A M 200 is designed to feed just one loudspeaker, and this allows it to celebrate music in a manner which is even more audiophile, even more powerful and even more devoid of coloration than would ever be possible with a stereo power amplifier.
Its heatsinks are a technical necessity, but they are also more than that, at a single glance the innate power of this compact output stage is self-evident; naturally the heatsinks also ensure optimum heat dissipation – even under extreme load. The T+A M 200 mono power amplifier is the most potent final stage in any system configuration: either as a complement to an existing system, or in combination with the Series 200 as the pinnacle of a perfectly compatible chain of specialised audiophile devices.

In T+A’s opinion power is only a positive factor if it goes hand in hand with the highest possible sound quality, efficiency and precision. That is why the M 200 shares a large number of the technologies employed in its sister device the T+A A 200. At its core there is a completely new circuit topology which attains the optimum blend of efficiency, performance and sound quality by combining T+A’s unique HV and High-Frequency Sine-Wave mains section technologies with PURIFI Eigentakt™ power amplifier technology. This combination is crucial to obtaining maximum audiophile performance from unrestrained power. In contrast to the A 200, the M 200 does not need to share this technology between two loudspeakers; instead it delivers its performance uniquely and alone to a single speaker. This again helps to maximise the potential of the A 200. If particular loudspeakers require a warmer or softer sound image, it is possible to reduce the M 200’s very high damping factor.

HV Circuit Topology:

The basis for the device’s exceptionally linear reproduction of all signals, and faithful dynamic imaging, is our voltage amplifier stage, incorporating HV circuit technology. This circuit’s high operating voltages create unsurpassed linearity. The HV concept needs no hard negative feedback with its inherent tendency to generate interference, and these problems are simply absent.

Output Stage:

The output stages of the M 200 are Class D power amplifiers based on PURIFI Eigentakt™ technology. This platform, developed by the Danish technology company, is currently the world’s leading concept for Class D power amplifiers, and avoids the disadvantages of earlier digital amplifiers. Previous digital amplifier designs were limited by being very load-dependent, and susceptible to the impedance of the loudspeakers in use, generating distortion in the output signal, phase noise and increased harmonic distortion at high power levels. In contrast, this new concept produces outstanding measured results, and is predestined for use in audiophile equipment:

  • Extremely low harmonic distortion and intermodulation effects at all power levels
  • Extremely low noise
  • High damping factor
  • Clean clipping
  • Low losses, high efficiency
  • Linear frequency response up to 60 kHz
  • Completely consistent behaviour, regardless of load.

Mains Section:

Although conventional switching mains sections offer advantages in terms of efficiency, they can generate induced interference which has a sustained degrading effect on sound quality. T+A High-Frequency Sine-Wave mains sections are the audiophile answer to this problem: their pure sine-wave clock, and a frequency more than twice as high as conventional mains sections, effectively block out such interference. The unit’s integral T+A - reservoir capacitors with their intelligent refresh characteristics eliminate the last trace of induced interference they are refreshed 100,000 times per second, which is 2000 times more frequently than ordinary capacitors. This is essential to enable them to respond to brief peak signals, and always deliver the correct quantity of electrical energy. T+A sine-wave mains sections are “hard” power supplies, i.e. they maintain their performance even under the most severe loads, and provide the output stages with absolutely constant voltage.

Intelligent Sage Control:

T+A Intelligent Safe Control (ISC) is comparable with a sports car’s ABS: numerous sensors feed data to the ISC’s micro-controller, which constantly monitors the temperature, load and clipping states, and intervenes intelligently in order to return the parameters to their permitted range.