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Spectral Next

Spectral Next


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Here and now. Next lives in the moment. Next lets you stream, celebrate, chill out. Our latest collection focuses on the essentials, but delivers the whole package: delectable design, tremendous technology, and peerless permutations. Next is exciting, innovative, and above all: breath-takingly good looking.

The essentials.

  • Modular furniture collection
  • Handle-free fronts
  • Soft-touch finish
  • Customisable width and depth
  • Concealed sound system integration
  • Ultra-flat music board
  • Intelligent cable management
  • Smart Connectivity features
  • Smart Light LEDs
  • Pivoting TV mount

Real slim, real good. The next step in the Next collection: our latest addition is the exquisitely elegant, super-slender music board, measuring just 11.8 cm in height. In line with the Next design philosophy, it gives you maximum delight in minimum space. You can go for the Spectral XTA1 sound system, the Sonos Playbase or any other flat soundbar. Alternatively, you can repurpose your music board for your Blu-ray player or other device.

A symphony of design and technology. With Next, you have a choice between three tried-and-trusted Spectral sound systems. The SCA3, BRA2 and the ultra-flat XTA1 are seamlessly integrated into your furniture, and concealed behind a fabric front. The result is great-looking and fantastic-sounding. Film fans will be blown away by the virtual surround mode, with its highimpact crystal-clear sound. Music mavens will appreciate the sumptuous stereo.