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Spectral Cocoon

Spectral Cocoon


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Arthouse furniture. Cocoon is for aficionados of cinema and admirers of beauty. This versatile media lowboard offers almost unlimited space for discreetly storing away all your home cinema equipment. The glass top can be removed and replaced with ease and speed thanks to the magnetic mounts. Photos, music and videos can all be streamed or uploaded via WiFi or Bluetooth.

The essentials.

  • Versatile media furniture Modular design
  • Out-of-the-ordinary finger-pull grip
  • Mounted on polished stainless steel supports
  • Scratch-resistant glass surfaces in more than 2,000 colours
  • Concealed sound systems
  • Smart Charge feature
  • Smart Light LEDs
  • Pivoting TV mount

A liberating experience. Cocoon liberates your living room – by putting your audio and video equipment out of sight. Starting with your speakers: fabric fronts hide them away, but let you enjoy the sound to the full. The interior of the unit can be flexibly configured, allowing you to position sound projectors, subwoofers and centre speakers as you wish. And the optional opening in the base allows you to operate downfire subwoofers inside your Cocoon.

Good-bye cables. Where’s the cable? Where’s the power socket? With the Smart Charge feature, you don’t need to worry. You just plonk your smartphone down on your Spectral lowboard, and hey presto: it charges all by itself. And that’s not all. You can also upload music, photos and videos to your sound system or TV via WiFi or Bluetooth. Inductive charging is available for practically all leading smartphone types.