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    Sony VPL-VW790ES

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    Sony VPL-VW790ES

    The latest from Sony's long lin of cinema-quality projectors. The Sony VPL-VW790ES, with native UHD 4k, HDR. Welcome the cinema to your home. Featuring powerful processing and laser technology, the Sony VPL-VW790ES delivers jaw-dropping picture quality.

    Laser light engine
    Taking the ultimate technology in projectors, the VPL-VW790ES features Sony’s Z-Phosphor laser light engine. This offers many advantages, the first of which is the picture with superb levels of contrast and colour realism. The design should also last longer than a typical projector bulb and provide more consistent performance over its lifetime.

    Powerful new ‘X1 for projector’ processing at its heart
    Combined with the exceptional laser light engine is a powerful new X1 for projector processor. Derived from their award-winning TVs, the X1 for projector processor enables Dynamic HDR and Sony’s Reality Creation Technology, giving amazing scene-by-scene picture realism. The capable processor also handles upscaling to UHD 4K – making the most of all your non-4K content, such as standard Blu-ray discs.

    Dual Contrast Control for infinite dynamic contrast, delivering stunning black levels
    Both laser and iris feature independent control. This optimises the light output for dark scenes and those with high contrast. The result is a dynamic contrast of infinity:1 - bringing every scene to life with exquisite detail and realism.

    Dynamic HDR Enhancer for spectacular realism
    HDR already delivers improved brightness and detail within darker areas of the picture. Dynamic HDR Enhancer takes HDR10 and HLG support and maximises its full potential. Creating a more detailed (dynamic) analysis of each scene boosts the HDR performance, making bright scenes brighter and enhancing the depth and detail within darker scenes.

    Native UHD 4K resolution for the ultimate detail
    For the highest standards of detail and realism, the Sony VPL-VW790ES use native UHD 4K resolution. Projecting in this resolution gives detail and realism that's impossible to achieve with conventional Full HD resolution. UHD 4K resolution is four times greater than the more conventional 1920 x 1080 Full HD projectors and it's a difference you can easily see on a large projection screen.