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Rega RP10 Turntable inc Apheta2 MC

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Rega RP10 Turntable inc Apheta2 MC

You will find that the RP10 embodies all of Rega's design philosophies - Low mass, high stability rigidity plinth, electronically controlled low vibration motor, flywheel effect platter and low mast high stability tonearm.

The all-new RP10 utilises a unique new stressed skin structure produced from thin phenolic skins sandwiching a featherweight nitrogen expanded, closed cell, polyolefin foam core first seen on the RP8. This then has a structural brace applied either side between the main bearing and tonearm mountings. On the RP10 these are made from both Magnesium and phenolic resin, differing materials to reduce unwanted resonance to a minimum.

The power supply is housed in a custom built Rega housing and features a crystal controlled Digital Signal Processing unit that is factory tuned to each individual motor.  This again reduces vibration and guarantees near perfection in terms of speed stability from the motor. The motor in turn then drives the ceramic platter via a CNC machined pulley and sub platter running in a similarly machined bearing housing.

The package is rounded off with the hand assembled RB2000 tonearm using hand paired interference fit bearings and general tolerances so fine that no adhesive is required or used during construction. The tonearm is very light and rigid with minimal mechanical joints ensuring fantastic detail retrieval, especially when partnered with one of the Rega moving coil cartridges.

Unlike most "Skeletal" turntable designs you can opt to use the supplied decoupled plinth and lid assembly to keep dust at bay if you wish, albeit at the cost of a more conventional look!

Available in Black Gloss finish.

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