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Media Source 200 takes your music to new places

Media Source 200 is a compact audio endpoint for a single Meridian Digital Media System zone, making it simple to add an additional zone to an existing system. It can be connected direct to Meridian DSP Loudspeakers using SpeakerLink, which can also power the unit.

Media Source 200, as a Meridian Digital Media System Zone Source, can access any of the facilities of the host system, including playing back selections from the media library, internet radio, Rhapsody (where available) and other content.

Exceptionally simple to use, the Media Source 200 is operated from the Meridian Digital Media System touchscreen, or wirelessly from the free iPhone or iPad app – or any other available system controller. Basic configuration is automatic. Advanced features are configured via a web browser.

The Media Source 200 can be mounted on the rear of a Meridian DSP In-wall Loudspeaker such as the DSP520 or DSP630, allowing an almost-invisible zone to be created with the Media Source 200 plus a pair of DSP In-walls.

Meridian Media Source 200 Data Sheet


The MS200 is the smaller brother of the current MS600, a single playback zone for the Meridian Digital Media (Sooloos) system.

Adding the MS200 to your existing Sooloos system has two main benefits:

1) It is another playback zone, so you can listen to different music from your CDs, Internet radio or Rhapsody in different areas,

Connect the speakerlink digital output to some DSP3200, connect the MS200 to your Local Area Computer Network, and you have music in another room.

You don't even have to use a power pack for the MS200, as in this configuration it receives its power over the speakerlink connection from the DSP speakers.

Or you could use an old power amp and speakers connected to the 3.5mm jack analogue output of the MS200 for the same effect.

This new zone can be controlled from your Control 15, Ipad or Control PC/MAC program.

2) It improves the performance of an existing MC200 or Control 15 system.

Both analogue and digital performance will sound better due to new output components and of course it still benefits from hand assembly at Meridian's Huntingdon headquarters.

Although still not quite as good as an MS600, it's less than 1/3 of the price!

The compact MS200 still has a range of connectivity:

An RJ45 network socket, to connect it to your LAN

An RJ45 Speakerlink output for connection to Meridian DSP speakers to provide digital audio, comms control, and to receive power.

A 3.5mm jack provides optical digital and also analogue audio.

A 12V power input for use when not connected via the Speakerlink output.

The Analogue audio output can be set for either fixed output, for connection to a hi-fi system, like a CD player, or it can be set to variable output for connection directly to a power amplifier or some active analogue speakers.

The new style compact aluminium enclosure can be hidden at the back of your DSP speakers, or sat on top, as its Infra Red receiver enables an MSR+ remote to control the Sooloos playque and DSP volume for that room.

There is also space for the MS200 to be mounted inside the new range of Meridian in-wall DSP loudspeakers.

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