Meridian 861v8 Digital Sound Controller

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    Meridian 861v8 Digital Sound Controller

    The 861 Reference Digital Surround Controller is the highest performance surround controller that we offer, and forms the heart of the highest-performance Meridian Digital Theatre system. The latest edition of this outstanding processor, 861v8, includes a number of new features and enhancements, including the latest linear power supply design.

    As the Surround Controller in the Reference 800 Series, 861v8 is built on the 800 Series' modular architecture, allowing additional features and connectivity to be added to a standard "core" via a series of additional card options.

    The most advanced example of our ground-breaking DSP control and processing system for the very highest-quality audio performance. Featuring Meridian’s patented filter, which upsamples standard resolution sources to high-resolution, the 861 also adds extensive connectivity to a system. Its modular approach delivers complete isolation between analogue and digital signals for worldleading performance.



    The following cards are fitted as standard inside a Meridian 861 Version 8:
    IE44 6x Digital Audio Inputs, Phono, D1 to D6 can be configured as 2x six-channel digital inputs with Meridian SmartLink performance.
    2x Optical Audio Inputs, Toslink. SpeakerLink Input, RJ45. Meridian Multi-channel High Resolution (MMHR) Input, RJ45.
    IA04 6x Analogue Stereo Inputs, Phono. Can be configured as 2x six-channel analogue inputs.
    ID29 Digital Input card with 1x USB input, 3x Optical Audio Inputs, Toslink, 2x SpeakerLink inputs, RJ45.
    OE34 8x Digital Output, SpeakerLink. L, R, C, SUB, Side L, Side R, Rear L, Rear R.
    CD20 & EF20: Internal (no rear panel) 48-bit DSP cards
    each containing two Motorola 56367 chips running in dual precision mode,
    each card offering 300 MIPS capability.
    CO00 Control computer card.
    Complete with Flash memory, RS232 port for control and status,
    3x configurable trigger outputs and 2x Meridian Comms.


    OA18 Analogue Output card 4x Analogue Outputs, XLR, configurable, with 24-bit, 192kHz DAC.
    OA08 Analogue Output card, with 4x Analogue Outputs, Phono, configurable, with 24-bit, 192kHz DAC.
    ID41 Digital Media System Card. Audio endpoint card with 1x Ethernet network, RJ45


    Dimensions (WHD) 480 x 175 x 411mm
    Weight: 13.5kg (30lbs)

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