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    Melco S10

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    Melco Audio S10

    Audiophile Reference Network Data Switch

    The new S10 audiophile reference network switch becomes Melco’s flagship switch and comprises a ‘head’ unit and a power unit, separating the sensitive data-carrying areas of the design from the power supply. The two-box approach echoes that of the recently announced flagship digital music library, the N10/2, and offers the least compromise when it comes to ultimate sound quality.

    The S10’s head unit is based on a heavily upgraded S100 network switch, and benefits from a greatly improved power management section. The head unit’s casework has also been significantly improved with better aluminium used for the casework to improve rigidity and increase isolation for the signal-carrying electronics. A rigid-steel screened chassis offers further mechanical stability.

    The rear panel connections include different speed RJ45 Ethernet ports: 4x 100 MB and 4x 1 GB, the latter of which are useful for the Roon Core processor which generates high traffic flow. In addition, 2x 1 GB SFP (Small Form Factor) ports are also included for direct fibre connections and compatibility with supported devices.

    A large toroidal transformer forms the bulk of the S10’s power unit and is mounted on a solid base with specialist insulators from Japan’s TAOC. Further features include high-quality Neutrik connectors on the output, plus a high-precision ‘102 SSC’ conductor from Tokyo’s Oyaide for the connecting DC cable.


    Two additional SFP ports allow for the connection of optical fibre for components such as Lumin that support it.

    The key to creating a stable and resilient data stream for extreme Hi-Res streaming is the Packet Buffer and S10 has 1.5MB of buffer capability to deal with erratic external connectivity.

    Audiophile techniques are used in the power supply implementation with a bank of audio-grade capacitors to ensure the lowest noise environment. Power supplies are external to the S10 in the from of a dedicated toroidal transformer power supply in matching casework, giving exceptional isolation.

    Mechanical stability contributes to system performance and the S10 is built on a rigid steel chassis with full aluminium casework with total screening provided by the totally metal enclosure which matches Melco Audiophile NAS components