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Melco Audio N1A/2 MKII (6tb) High Resolution Music Server

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Image of Melco Audio N1A/2 MKII (6tb) High Resolution Music Server
Available at Martins Hi-Fi

Melco Audio N1A/2 MKII (6tb) High Resolution Music Server

Our price
Image of Melco Audio N1A/2 MKII (6tb) High Resolution Music Server
Available at Martins Hi-Fi

Melco Audio N1A/2 MKII (6tb) High Resolution Music Server

Our price
Image of Melco Audio N1A/2 MKII (6tb) High Resolution Music Server

Melco Audio N1A/2 MKII (6tb) High Resolution Music Server


Melco Audio N1A/2 MKII (6tb) High Resolution Music Server plud direct CD import.

⦁ No PC required for setup and installation - no specialist knowledge needed. 
⦁ Pre-installed media server - no configuration required. 
⦁ Supports multiple specialised media servers - currently shipping with Twonky 7 with DSD support. 
⦁ Informative OLED front panel display - displays current streaming track data, system status, and setup. 
⦁ Simple menu navigation structure and track selection.


Unlike PC based systems, Melco has a dedicated PLAYER port. This allows connection directly to the network Streamer or Player without any data switch in the signal path which would damage the music data.

This direct connection concept we call Direct Streaming Music – DSM – and it is unique to Melco as in conjunction with the Ethernet purifier between the LAN and PLAYER ports DSM ensures that the Player receives only clean and accurate data, all packets are timed with low-jitter precision and all unwanted traffic is blocked. LAN lights can be disabled for highest possible data integrity.

There are two methods of operation – Network Mode is the default and allows a Tablet connected to the Wi-Fi to control the player as normal. But for ultra-pure music playback DIRECT MODE can be selected – in this case there is no need for any external Ethernet or IT components, and the Melco acts as DHCP server to the Player. Browsing and control is then from the player front panel.

Melco - LOCAL USB-DAC PLAYER (MELCO Direct Local Play & MELCO Markerless DSD Playback*)

⦁ The Local USB-DAC player can be used in the same manner as the Network Player. The Local USB-DAC player is simply controlled from a UPnP Control App on a Smartphone or Tablet on the network. The App discovers the N1 - DAC as a Digital Media Renderer or Player on the Network as soon as a DAC is connected to the N1. 
⦁ The N1 is connected to various Hi-Fi USB-DAC`s using a standard USB lead. 
⦁ The N1 Local USB-DAC Player supports PCM up to 384 kHz / 32 bit, and DSD up to 11.3 MHz Quad DSD. 
⦁ Automatic sample rate adjustment to match the capabilities of the connected DAC - e.g. 192 kHz is automatically down sampled to play on a 96 kHz capable DAC. 
⦁ Automatic conversion of DSD to 32 bit PCM for USB DAC that does not support DSD. (Manual setting in the Menu) 
⦁ The Playlist can be stored either on N1 (Mode 1) to allow the playlist to be maintained even if the App is out of contact, or the Playlist is stored on the App (Mode 0) when the App requires it. (Confirmed App: Kinsky, Bubble UPnP) 
⦁ The Melco Local USB-DAC player can be easily controlled by your favorite UPnP control Point (App). 
⦁ The Melco Local USB-DAC player will play Music stored on open shares on the Network in addition to music stored on the Melco. 
⦁ Gapless playback is supported. (WAV FLAC AIFF ALAC) 
⦁ Melco Direct Local Play - browse and play music directly from the front panel of the Melco without any requirement for an App or Ethernet connection.* 
⦁ MELCO Markerless DSD Playback (Not DoP) - New "Alternative renderer (Beta)" play mode added. Supports DSD native playback when connected to ⦁ a compatible USB DAC supporting native DSD.*


⦁ Single press power button - same as Hi-Fi components and unlike any IT device 
⦁ Comfortable front panel buttons with positive click for easy operation 
⦁ Front USB 3.0 port 
⦁ OLED display to reduce internal noise 
⦁ Rear USB3.0 ports - BACKUP, EXPANSION USB-DAC or Easy Import from Flash drive, CD drive or HDD 
⦁ 3 pole IEC mains inlet with true electrical ground to define source component as ground point, and internal power-line noise filter


⦁ Dual Ethernet ports - dedicated PLAYER port and LAN port 
⦁ Direct Mode requires no LAN connection and the N1 manages the Ethernet Player and gives IP address without router 
⦁ RJ-45 with low noise light pipe LED indicators 
⦁ Micro miniature high performance network pulse transformers 
⦁ Audio grade ultra-low jitter internal data clock 
⦁ High data integrity and precision low jitter clock buffer 
⦁ FPGA voltage control system 



Hard Drive Capacity 2 x 3TB HDD (6 TB)
Power Supply 60 W x1 with capacitor bank
Connections Backup (USB 3.0, rear panel), Expansion (USB 3.0, rear panel), USB 3.0 (rear panel), USB 3.0 (front panel), USB-DAC (USB 2.0, rear panel)
Casework Aluminim Front Panel & Steel Casework
Network Player Dedicated LAN Player Port & USB Media Player
Dimensions (H x W x D) 62mm x 436mm x 352mm
Weight - Unit 7.00 KG

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