Melco N100 5TB

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    Melco N100 5TB

    Long-awaited half-size Roon Ready digital music library

    The Melco N100 is a half-sized model, the N100 includes the same class-leading Melco features and high-performance sound quality as its range siblings.

    Benefitting from a 2 TB HDD or larger 5TB HDD option, easily expandable with the Melco E100 expansion drive or a standard USB-connected HDD, the N100 is the perfect introduction to Melco ownership. Despite its low price, the N100 features core Melco innovations, such as audio-specific components, twin ethernet ports (incl. a dedicated player port), and a front panel, app, or remote control. 

    Further features include easy CD-importing with either the Melco D100 CD drive or a standard IT drive, one-button USB back-ups, plus a front panel USB for importing music, playing music, or adding a USB DAC.


    • Fine design both for rack-style and desktop use (215 mm)
    • Aluminum front and top panel with hairline finish
    • 2 mm steel sheet chassis for anti-vibration
    • HDD is designed with anti-vibration system "HS-S²"(Highly Stable Storage System) under same concept as N1ZS/2A.
    • LAN port for direct connection with player (no LED for status indication)
    • USB2.0  x3 are compatible with USB-DAC, USB CD drive and USB storage such as USB HDD or USB flash memory. When the drive is connected, user can choose the purpose of the drive on the front display. (Import, expansion, backup, restore etc)
    • Low C/N clock of NDK
    • Power management system by FPGA for improved system stability.
    • Fan-less design
    • Roon Ready
    • Tidal Ready
    • Quobuz Ready

    Main functions

    • 5.0TB2.5''SFF HDD x 1
    • Gigabit Dual Ethernet LAN port
    • PC file sharing function
    • DLNA/UPnP media server function with Twonky Server 8.5
    • USB-DAC connection for USB playback - supports Gapless and DSD with DoP and Melco Markerless DSD.
    • Automatic download of music files from Hires, and other vendors to be announced, with file integrity check.
    • CD import to local HDD using Gracenote Database.
    • Backup and Restore of internal HDD – compatible with Melco N1 series.
    • 215 x 61 x 269mm
    • Net weight Appx.3kg

    Store and Management

    N100 has an internal HDD capacity of 5TB – equivalent to approx. 4000 CDs..*

    The music files once saved to N100 can be played through LAN and USB.

    CD import using any USB connected optical disc drive with metadata and album art added from Gracenote database. Compatible with MELCO D100 high performance CD loader.

    CD can be played directly without importing into connected USB-DAC in the manner of a high-end CD player.

    Convenient downloading of Hires music directly into Melco N100 without need for a network computer from and other vendors.

    Playing music files

    N100 will collate and arrange the complete music library and offers browse by Album, Artist, Data format, Date of recording, Composer etc.

    Browse and play is possible from the N100 front panel or App on smartphone or tablet.

    N100 supports all high res music formats up to 32bit 384kHz and Octo DSD.

    Simple Operation

    N100 is ready to use once language and time zone has been selected.

    Additional advanced features, all accessible from the simple front panel interface, allow for customization.