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    Melco N10

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    Melco N10 EX 3TB HDD Player / Server

    Melco redefined the real potential of Hi-Res digital music playback over Ethernet or using USB DAC when it was introduced a few years ago... ...

    Now, with the introduction of the Melco EX Series, new standards of convenience are achieved, especially for Browse and Search of the music library.

    New software for the user interface on the OLED display gives more detail of status and playback, with internationalisation covering most metadata requirements, along with advanced options for the CD import and archiving process. Internet Radio is fully supported using the Melco Music HD App.

    EX Main Features

    • Browse and Search Profiles: Jazz, Rock, Classical, Simple

    Melco introduces a new model, the N10. Its intention is to introduce the concept of extreme performance Hi-Res Digital Music in a new form factor, quite unlike conventional Hi-Fi components.

    Melco N10, housed in two units, each chassis 215mm wide – half the width of conventional Hi-Fi components. The Head Unit contains all the processing electronics and the data connectivity.

    The Power Unit contains a low noise linear power supply and power management. Side by side the two units are the same size as conventional HiFi. The casing is the same size as the Melco D100 CD loader and the E100 Expansion drive. Separating the units allows total isolation of noise pollution, as well as isolating any vibration from the power transformer.

    The power supply uses advanced techniques to minimise both internal noise and also external noise which would affect the main Hi-Fi system. The power supply has an IEC 3 wire mains supply with a properly defined ground reference point. Connectivity between the Power unit and the Head Unit is by a flexible cord with Neutrik multi-pin connectors. The metalwork of both units comprising the N10 is designed around a high-quality solid aluminium case, including solid aluminum end cheeks. Multiple elements ensure total rigidity and isolation of all components to ensure maximum sound quality.

    Additionally, the N10 offers a new convenient form factor, based on a chassis of 215mm width – half size compared to conventional full size HI-FI. N100 is the same size as the newly introduced D100 CD Loader and E100 Expansion Drive – this means that components can be conveniently placed side by side to match other Hi-Fi components.



    • Browse and Search in any order

    • One button: ‘Add Missing Album art’

    • One button: ‘Find additional metadata’

    • One button: ‘Replace all metadata with new’

    • Classical tagging at Work level, not Album

    • New tagged metadata available to other player systems: multiroom or car

    • Tagged metadata is now totally consistent across the whole Melco library

    • Composer automatically added to Work Title in case of Classical

    • Simple web tool for manual edits of a single album or change album art • Will present overview of complete library in fine detail as web page or spreadsheet before and after processing • User configurable in all aspects by subscription to SongKong for Melco and Minimserver2

    • Extreme performance Audio NAS, and local USB-DAC player 
    • Two-box design separating signal processing electronics and power supplies. 
    • New Melco Control App available at launch 
    • Capacity 3TB 
    • This is an additional model – not a replacement for any current models