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Martin Logan

Martin Logan Statement 40XW

Martin Logan Statement 40XW


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Forty drivers. Seven feet tall with a 52-inch stack of thin-film tweeters. It's the flagship of the Masterpiece CI Series. The Statement 40XW is an enormous, self-contained in-wall loudspeaker system using a super-efficient line-source design to deliver a massive dynamic attack in even the largest listening areas. And it's virtually invisible, taking up no floor space at all. Statement 40XW is an audio experience like no other—only from MartinLogan.


  • Sixteen lightning-fast Folded Motion XT Obsidian tweeters.
  • Sixteen 3.5-inch unidirectional carbon fiber multi-section cone midrange drivers with Nomex® backers.
  • Eight timbre-matched 6.5-inch unidirectional carbon fiber multi-section cone woofers with Nomex® backers.
  • Proprietary Vojtko crossover networks seamlessly blend drivers across the full spectrum.
  • Phenolic baffle and acoustically-inert sealed back box enclosure that easily installs.
  • Low profile, paintable, micro-perf grilles vanish into any decor.