Leema Acoustics Antila 2S Eco

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    Featuring an ultra-stable mechanism, super-accurate reference clocks, a data stability of 40ps jitter (1kHz) is delivered into a Leema Quattro infinity multi DAC, 2 x RCA, 2 x XLR, 1 x SPDIF opt/coax outputs.

    In this latest development of the multi-award winning Antila, the Antila IIS Eco combines exceptional sound quality with captivating good looks and refreshing ease of use, to create a striking impression in any environment.

    The Antila 2S Eco CD player introduces many unique technical and ergonomic innovations to combine state-of-the-art performance with surprising ease of use.

    Leema’s latest “Quattro Infinity Multi-DAC” employs multiple 24 bit / 192 kHz multi-bit delta-sigma data converters, specifically selected for their audio quality. These are driven from a fully balanced digital data stream. The result is significantly reduced levels of noise, distortion and crosstalk, thereby producing a breathtakingly real musical performance and a tactile panoramic image.

    The drive mechanism with custom servo, features a high quality metal tray and Leema’s own control software. State of the art jitter levels, of around 40 pS @ 1 kHz are achieved, significantly improving low level resolution. The Antila IIS Eco provides even higher levels of performance to maintain its position at the forefront of high-quality CD playback.

    The Antila 2S Eco is a fully LIPS® compliant master or slave, allowing it to integrate with other Leema components and home automation systems.

    Used in a totally purist system with the Hydra 2 Power Amplifier, the Antila 2S Eco will even control the amplifier’s volume and input selection via LIPS® commands. Volume level and input selection are displayed on the Antila 2S Eco’s LCD display.




    Distortion -
      20 Hz: 0.005%
      1 kHz: 0.0008%
      20 kHz: 0.0008%

    Freqency Response: 20 Hz - 20 kHz (+/- 0.3 dB)

    IM distortion 19+20KHz: 0.0005%

    Linearity @ -100dB: +/-0.5dB

    Crosstalk @ 10KHz: -100dB

    Crosstalk @ 1KHz: -118dB

    Signal to Noise ratio (A weighted): 107dB

    Output Level: 2.3VRMS for 0dBFS

    Jitter 1KHz: 40pS

    Jitter total correlated: 350pS

    LIPS® system: Master or Slave 

    Dimensions: 440*320*110mm

    Carton: 590*450*210mm

    Mass: 12Kg

    Finally, as with other Leema components, the new Antila IIS Eco offers eco-friendly low power standby mode.