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    HIFI Racks


    HIFI Racks

    Hi Fi Racks Ltd was founded in June 2007, designing and manufacturing a range of high-quality, bespoke hi-fi and AV furniture in solid hardwoods after identifying a gap in the marketplace on materials used. 

    Hi Fi Racks Ltd now manufacture a range of products including speaker stands, headphone holders and TV stands alongside the original hi-fi and AV products, with most designs offering a bespoke service.

    Being the original, and best-recognised, manufacturer to offer bespoke sizing, we can appeal to the market on a separate level to our main competitors. 

    The bespoke service allows customers to choose the width, depth and height of the product to suit their exact needs, tailoring the design to perfectly fit a space in their home or the dimensions of their equipment.

    Since the company began, we have become an award-winning, popular brand, meaning that the marketplace has expanded outside of the UK, and that our products are now available across the globe. 
    Many pieces from Hi Fi racks can be bespoke. Please call Martins Hi Fi on 01603 627010 for your personalised quote.