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Focal Utopia Headphones MK2

Focal Utopia Headphones MK2


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Focal Utopia Headphones Mk2

First launched in 2016, the Focal Utopia headphones rank amongst the best in the world! In 2022, these iconic headphones present a reworked design blending sophistication with great distinction, as well as improved exclusive technologies born of Focal's unique expertise. With sensational listening quality characterised by striking realism and unrivalled sound purity, they deliver design and sound performance in perfect harmony.


Made in France in the Focal workshops, Utopia headphones are the result of over 40 years of innovation and the creation of high-end speaker drivers and loudspeakers. Their full-range speaker drivers with pure Beryllium ‘M’-shaped dome are completely open at the back, running with zero passive or active correction from 5Hz to over 50kHz: the listening experience offers striking realism, neutrality, dynamics and transparency! Focal engineers have also developed a copper and aluminium voice coil for a revamped and uncompromising sound signature. Blending comfort with sleek styling, Utopia is made from fine materials such as leather and forged, recycled carbon. It also has “honeycomb” grilles or Black Chrome-finish rings; impressive details to make these outstanding French headphones truly unique.

Utopia is made from premium, sophisticated materials. The yoke, made from forged, recycled carbon, is an elegant stroke, whilst making the headphones more lightweight and distributing their weight more evenly. The genuine leather headband and perforated memory foam ear pads – also leather-bound – provide comfort and softness. And finally, exceptional headphones merit top of the range accessories: Utopia headphones come in a faux-leather case with a black fabric thermoformed carry case and two high-fidelity cables (10ft and 5ft / 3m and 1.5m) for using the headphones at home with an amplifier or on the go with Lemo® connectors and a Jack adapter.

Particular attention has been paid to the design of Utopia, in terms of use, comfort and overall aesthetics. These audiophile headphones feature elegant, high-quality materials, and comfort has been greatly enhanced thanks to the mechanical design which has been optimised to the smallest detail: the constant bend of the headband, an even distribution of weight, the design of the yoke and the memory foam ear-pieces.

Utopia boasts full-range speaker drivers with a pure Beryllium ‘M’-shaped dome, completely open at the back. The Focal engineers have risen to the challenge of delivering the sensation of listening to the best Focal loudspeakers inside a set of headphones! The result is a transducer capable of running with zero active or passive correction from 5Hz to over 50kHz; the headphones totally disappear, leaving audio signal reproduction that is unrivalled in its purity.