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    Entreq Power Challenger Infinity

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    Power Challenger Infinity Power Cables.

    As we see it, the power cable is the most important cable in the jungle of cables. If it is not correct here, you can try to compensate for the error in the power cable further down in the chain, i.e., compensate for errors by making other errors.

    There are many skeptical people who feel that since the power is conveyed for miles down ordinary wires that it is just silly to believe that the last few meters are significant. Add to it the fact that each device has a glass fuse in its IEC contact and it can seem even more logical that the power cable does not have an effect.

    And I must admit that I can understand that many are incredulous.  However, once you have tested a good Power Cord, you realize how important they are. We would not say we have the answer why, but after more than twenty years of experience, we have some ideas. We believe that besides the regular parameters such as inductance and capacitance, the power cable's ability to handle very high frequencies is crucial to the final result. There is quite a lot to substantiate our belief in this.

    One is that the connectors and the wires are of great importance to how a Power cable performs. If it was only a matter of 50Hz, the different alloys and materials in the contacts should not affect the sound. Furthermore, the relationship between the cable area performance suggests that it is a matter of high frequencies instead of 50Hz. And finally the huge impact the Infinity tubes give on a Power Cord. All this shows in one direction. We also place great importance on the connectors on our cables, and therefore we manufacture them ourselves for all other cables. The power cables are the exception as we use Furutech connectors.

    Naturally, all of our power cables are designed with separate cables for the phase and neutral and with a mixed earth wire with a suitable area. We also feel that the antenna effect is of very great significance, i.e., how many radio waves, magnetic fields, etc. the cable receives and sends into the device. In this case, material selection and length are decisive. It is quite simply a matter of designing the cable so that it is a really bad antenna.

    Those who are interested can easily experiment using a radio/TV receiver and a copper wire and have a practical experience of the different length plays in reception.