Entreq Olympus Tellus - Martins Hi-Fi

    Entreq Olympus Tellus

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    With the Olympus line they were totally free to implement all of their combined knowledge, using no fixed parameters to re-design from the ground up.

    So in the Olympus Tellus they have seven grounding posts and employ an all new mineral-mix. As well as a reduction of the quantity in some metal particulates. There is also the inclusion of some all new metals, one of which is Magnesium. This together with six all new solid Silver binding posts, instead of their normal solid Copper posts, gave us an even better noice reduction.

    In the Olympus Tellus they have also employed one special solid Copper binding post that is completely isolated from the other six Silver grounding posts. This can be used for connecting a specific new mains Eatha cable. This can give a direct connection to the protective ground found in your mains sockets. This reduce's the noise floor significantly! It can of course also be used for other purposes.

    The Olympus Tellus offers the same overall sonic signature as the Olympus Minimus. Deep and massive low frequencies while still retaining the air and texture in the wider spectrum. The separate outlet, allowing direct connection to a wall socket, (the protective ground) will give you a whole new experience. Connection to the protective ground gives an even darker background and will let you explore more subtle nuance and details within the music.