Entreq Olympus Minimus - Martins Hi-Fi

    Entreq Olympus Minimus

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    The Olympus ground boxes are different from Minimus /Silver Minimus in many ways. When we developed the “Supercharger line” Atlantis we found many interesting details. Unfortunately, we could not simply implement these ideas directly into the Silver MinimUs or Silver Tellus without fundamentally changing the product

    With the Olympus line, we were totally free to implement all of our combined knowledge, using no fixed parameters to re-design from the ground up.
    So in the Olympus line, we have an all new mineral-mix, as well as a reduction of the quantity of some metal particulates, there is the inclusion of some all new metals ( for example Magnesium). Olympus MinimUs, like our other MinimUs, has only one outlet but in this case, it is now solid Silver. Needless to say, it is now the top model in the Mini Ground boxes.
    Olympus is primarily designed for ground Pre-amps and Dac's. But it can also do a very good job with the grounding of our cables and our CleanUs line. The most significant difference in performance, compared to the Silver Minimus, is more texture and air in the lower frequency as well as more detail and better over all flow in the music.  
    Like our other ground boxes it is made of Oak but with the Olympus, you can also order it in a dark Oak finish. 

    Weight 9 Kg  W 22cm - H 14cm - D 25cm