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Entreq Infinity USB Cables

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Entreq Infinity USB Cables

Unique cable design...

Our unique cables are the result of several years’ development and hard work.

We have taken nothing for granted but have instead examined all the current  thinking and knowledge which is assumed about cable design and its role in signal transfer, then re-visited it over and over again with reference to not only the technical measurement but in what and how it imparts an actual sonic influence to each key stage. We have purely and honestly investigated and penetrated the operation and meaning of every square millimetre of a cable soundwise.

Through this we have acquired knowledge that few, if any other manufacturer have, regarding signal transference. Not many manufactures of cables put any real effort in to the fact that when you connect a cable to your system, you in practice are not merely connect an antenna that pick's up a wide band of radio waves, that indeed influence the sound, but that its effect's a far more ranging.

Even those that do work in this area generally don't really do anything positive with the problem; generally just covering it up or not suitably understanding it's entire influence and therefore not knowing what to do with the noise etc.

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