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Entreq Infinity Tungsten

Entreq Infinity Tungsten


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Entreq Infinity Tungsten


This is the highest performing single cell Ground Box Entreq currently make employing Entreq’s unique Tungsten ground mixture. Effective mass is 9kg – therefore the Olympus Infinity T will operate most effectively on most products up to a maximum of approximately 42kg.

Olympus Tungsten has an Aura of confidence. The improved Infinity technology, the adjusted mineral mix, the special ceramic and Tungsten metals, and the new improved casework. All together gives Olympus Infi T a aura of solid trust and confidence. When you look at and handle this ground boxes, they tell you
“ Leave it with me, I handle it” 

And they will! Together with an Eartha Olympus, you get a very powerful earth point that cleans up and sorts out.
What’s left is a very quiet and dark background that lets you hear more details, more dynamic and easy flow in music. You sometimes get a 3 D feeling so strong that we like to say 4 D 
It's like you wear very good sunglasses on a bright day. You get it all, but so easy, relaxed, and natural.
Olympus T also bring us as company confidence. When have been the Primus motor in the progress that end up with a unit like this, with such impact, you only can be confident and proud.
We also produced the Olympus T to meet all demands possible in  multi boxes. The Olympus Hero 5 pcs and Pluton 3 pcs
Weight 9 Kg  W 22cm - H 14cm - D 25cm