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Entreq Infinity Speaker Cables

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Entreq Infinity Speaker Cables

Infinity line Signal / Loudspeaker Cables, from entry level Discover to top of the line level Atlantis

All the cables that are connected to a stereo set work as transmitting/receiving antennas.
We feel that the length of the cables (antenna effect), their ability to handle really high frequencies and that there is a straight signal path without bottlenecks are all far more important parameters than are inductance and capacitance.

Adapting the connectors according to the design of the cable is crucial to the result, in our opinion.
If one uses ready-made contacts, one must simply adapt the cable to the contacts.
That is why we always manufacture our own contacts with wooden frameworks. A material that is completely non-magnetic and non-conductive and which does not affect the signal at all, the way plastic or metal do.
For the contact surfaces themselves, we use pure silver/cooper, where silver is used for positive and copper for negative.
Furthermore, all of our signal/loudspeaker cables feature our EEDS (External Earth Drain System).


Before ordering online please call or email to confirm price/length of cable being ordered.

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