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    Entreq Cable Wraps

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    AC Wrap.

    In every cable that transports an alternating current a magnetic field is created. The fields are strongest where the cables are plugged in and where there are any subsequent connections. Using AC Wraps offers a calm stability to the sound, even with cheaper Power cords and cables.

    Mini Wrap.

    These work in a similar way to the AC Wrap but are specifically designed and optimised for signal cables. Positioning along the length of any particular signal cable can elicit a tunable result. However as per the bigger AC Wrap the beginning or the end of the cable tends to be the most vulnerable.

    Silver AC Wrap and Mini Wraps.

    Similar in overall structure and construction these wraps are a natural extension to the performance enhancements found in the standard wraps. With particular attention given to the mineral mixture in the main pockets of the wraps themselves, as well as a dedicated ground point to further drain noise and field effects, these wraps offer an obvious and clear improvement in almost every application. Please be aware that an Eartha ground cable and ground box is required to obtain the optimal performance from this product.

    All wraps are priced as pairs