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    Cyrus Stream X Signature

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    Cyrus Stream X Signature

    Focussed on ‘digital’ perfection, the Cyrus Stream X Signature is our flagship streamer, providing simply peerless sound quality from Qobuz, TIDAL*, internet radio, or your locally stored audio files. Controlled using our ‘Cadence’ app, you can search tracks from your complete library and play them at the touch of a button. A dedicated linear power supply helps produce a rich, refined experience that will help you rediscover your love for pure music.

    Streaming services such as Tidal and Qobuz provide a convenient way of accessing vast catalogues of superb quality recordings. Far from being just for listening on the go through your mobile phone, these streaming services are more than good enough to be considered audiophile sources. They are now leading the way in delivering the next generation of audio experiences.

    Our approach in designing the Stream X Signature is to provide a product which is simply, but brilliantly dedicated to the task of retrieving audio data from on-line music streaming services, internet radio channels, USB drives or your own digital library of music files.  The Stream X Signature ‘cleans’ the data to perfection, then produces a re-clocked digital signal (PCM) to output into one of our (or a similar hi-fi brand) digital amplifier products (the 6DAC, 82DAC, Pre2DAC or DACXP).

    High-end digital audio products such as the Stream X Signature cannot be described in terms of specifications or statistics. Instead, they demand to be ‘experienced’. Only then can the listener full appreciate the difference that the combination of components, software, re-clocking and resampling can make to the output signal.





    SPDIF coaxial – 1
    MC-BUS – Yes


    Optical SPDIF – 2
    Coaxial SPDIF – 3
    USB A – 1
    Ethernet – 1


    WAV – Yes
    FLAC – Yes
    ALAC – Yes
    AAC – Yes
    MP3 – Yes
    WMA – Yes
    AIFF – Yes
    Maximum signal resolution 24-bit/192kHz

    *MQA decoding is not supported for TIDAL. Use Qobuz to stream in ultra high-resolution PCM


    Height 73
    Width 215
    Depth 360
    Weight (kg)