Cyrus ONE HD

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    Cyrus ONE HD

    Ex-Display Cyrus One HD, boxed with all original equipment.

    Cyrus ONE HD now comes with both digital and analogue inputs, making it the ideal hub for all your home entertainment. With connections for your turntable, two line level sources, optical and coaxial digital, asynchronous USB and Bluetooth aptX HD, the Cyrus ONE HD takes it all in its stride.

    Get the very best sound from your desktop or laptop
    For the best sound quality from your desktop or laptop, connect via the asynchronous USB input. This bypasses your computer’s internal soundcard and in effect, ‘controls’ the output signal. This allows the best use to made of the Cyrus’s top quality digital circuitry, including the ESS 32-bit DAC. If you’re a fan of Hi-Res music then this is the best possible way to hear your music files.

    Digital inputs – perfect for smart TV and music streaming devices
    With both optical and coaxial digital inputs, you can use a wide range of digital sources with the ONE HD. Most TVs, set-top boxes, smart TV devices and Blu-ray players feature a digital output, meaning you get the benefit of this amp’s top quality sound with your AV components as well as your stereo ones.

    Higher quality Bluetooth connectivity with aptX HD
    With the latest aptX HD compatibility, the Cyrus ONE HD gives higher quality, wireless sound than ever. If you subscribe to streaming services such as Tidal and Qobuz, you’ll now enjoy true Hi-Res audio quality when streaming wirelessly.

    Turntable input
    Cyrus realise that many music lovers have a cherished vinyl collection as well as regularly using streaming services. For this reason, the ONE HD is fitted with a good quality MM (Moving Magnet) phono pre-amp. No extra boxes required for plug n’ play vinyl playback.

    Enhanced headphone output
    Rather than being an afterthought, the headphone output fitted to the ONE HD is a top quality device in its own right – rivalling some standalone headphone amps. With your headphones plugged in, a dedicated Class AB amplifier draws exclusive power from the large toroidal transformer, giving huge reserves of current. The result is the ONE HD drives pretty much any headphones and drives them with vigour.

    Integrate with your AV
    Featuring an AV loop, you can use the ONE HD as the front channel in your home cinema system. Alternatively, should you get the upgrade bug, a pre-out connection lets you add a larger and higher quality power amp at a later date.

    4th Generation Class D
    Using Cyrus’s fourth generation of Class D digital amplification, the ONE HD produces a precise sound that’s typical of this world-class brand. With 100 watts per channel on hand, this baby amp produces a sound that’s anything but small. A big ‘3D’ soundstage, effortless dynamics and musical precision are all hallmarks of this class-leading amp. What’s more, SID (Speaker Impendence Detection) calibration gets the optimum performance from a huge range of different speakers.

    Control app
    For total convenience, you can control all of the amp’s many functions via a free app. Available for both Apple iOS and Android, the app gives a smooth-acting and clear interface that’s especially handy if you’re streaming music from the same device.

    Stylish and compact
    Despite packing in a 100 watt amp and impressive connectivity, the Cyrus ONE HD is still one of the most compact amplifiers in its class. The ‘shoe box’ size makes it ideal for tighter spaces where traditional, full-size hi-fi simply won’t go. True to Cyrus products heritage, the minimalist design also gives a timeless style and long-term user pleasure.




    Google Assistant enabled, Amazon™ Alexa enabled and Apple® AirPlay 2 enabled

    Asynchronous USB input (up to 32bit 192khz and DSD to DSD128),

    HDMI (ARC),

    Optical Toslink,

    Coaxial SPDIF Bluetooth™

    Audio RCA input to built-in MM phono stage for turntables.

    Analogue input configurable for AV integration

    Cyrus 4th generation Hybrid Class D amplifier – outputs 2 x 100W (into 6 Ω at 0.1% THD+N)

    SID – Speaker Impedance Detection (automatically calibrates amplifier to your speakers)

    Pre outputs – connect to additional power amplifiers

    High power, high voltage class AB headphone amplifier

    Over the air firmware update – Latest software downloads and installs automatically.

    Linear power supply

    IR remote control

    Lockable front panel controls


    WEP, WPA, WPA2 security

    (H X W X D) – 85 x 220 x 390mm

    Weight – 5.6kg


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