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    Cyrus DAC XP Signature

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    Our flagship preamplifier, the DAC XP Signature is held in the highest regard amongst audiophiles. As part of a hi-fi ‘separates’ system, this pre-amplifier offers complete control over every source, along with a level of resolution and detail rarely seen in any audio component, regardless of price. If hi-fidelity is your passion and you won’t compromise on quality, you should audition the DAC XP Signature.



    The upsampling DAC at the heart of the DAC XP Signature transforms any music you put into it into the highest possible 32-bit resolution. The fullness, depth and quality of the music this produces is really impressive.

    Getting more technical, our engineers have created our most stable circuit yet, making sure that there’s no jitter and your music is perfectly timed throughout.

    The chassis of the DAC XP Signature is divided into two entirely separate sections – a digital to analogue converter and a fully balanced analogue pre-amplifier. Keeping these processes completely separate means each can be given all of the power it needs on a separate circuit, avoiding any distortion or noise interference.

    Tuned to produce the purest Cyrus sound, the DAC XP Signature has our most sophisticated re-clocking circuit to ensure no jitter. The DAC is able to measure the precision of incoming digital sources and treat them accordingly. This means that high accuracy sources like the CD T Transport are digitally re-clocked by a close tolerance circuit with triple quartz references. Meanwhile for low accuracy sources the DAC relaxes its re-clocking precision to ensure reliable playback.

    The DAC XP Signature is preparedfor the wide range of sample rates available from today’s digital sources and beyond. Group 1 close tolerance performance is available for 32k, 44.1k, 48k, 64k, 88.2k, 96k, 128k, 176.4k, 192k source material. For sources outside of Group 1 requirements, any sample rate in the range 32k – 192k is accepted. Non-stereo waveforms (surround sound etc) are identified and suppressed to avoid undesirable digital noise.


    As with all of our products, the DAC X Signature can be connected to our other systems via our unique MC-Bus connectivity.

    SPDIF optical – 1
    Stereo RCA analogue – 1 pair fixed, 2 pairs variable
    PSX-R upgrade port – Yes
    XLR Balanced – Yes
    MC-BUS – Yes

    Optical SPDIF – 2
    Coaxial SPDIF – 4
    Analogue RCA Phono – 2 pairs

    Maximum signal resolution – 24-bit/192kHz

    Height – 73
    Width – 215
    Depth – 360
    Weight (kg) – 6.5