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Cyrus 8 2 DAC Qx

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Cyrus 8 2 DAC Qx

While the Cyrus Anniversary system was being developed Cyrus had the opportunity to experiment with many valuable changes in the same vein as described for PSX-R2 above. In addition, they looked at the digital DC supplies around the DAC and Qx card. While they did not want to launch a new model, they did know that they could significantly lift the amplifier resolution performance and so, in the usual Cyrus way, they have made performance uplifts to keep their products ahead of the competition. Both new 82 DAC models come with cleaner DC power lines that help all connected digital sources sound better. The Qx model benefits for the same engineering reasons. Comparing the Cyrus 82 DAC with its peers brings similar commercial comparisons to the PSX-R2. Its nearest competitors cost significantly more and do not have a DAC on board. In the market, the Cyrus 82 DAC is an advanced audio product offering exceptional sound, remarkable upgrade options, and modern digital facilities that upgrade all connected digital sources. (These acoustic benefits now engineered into the power stages and digital sections of their 82 DAC models cannot help the analogue amps, hence no V2 analogue offerings). "

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