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    Chord Signature Reference Speaker Cable

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    Chord Signature speaker cable was the first shielded speaker cable that we produced and it’s been part of our range of speaker cables for the past ten years.  The original Signature speaker cable is still as impressive as it ever was, but with the development of our flagship Sarum speaker cable we learnt so much that we’ve been able to completely re-design Signature speaker cable to produce Signature Reference speaker cable.

    We’ve improved the shielding, we’ve made changes to the spacing between the conductors and the shield and we’ve changed all the materials.  The new Signature Reference features silver-plated conductors in combination with PTFE insulation and the new shield is of a higher density. 

    The changes have brought all the improvements we were hoping for and more.  It isn’t as though the original Signature was exactly lacking when it came to levels of detail with its ability to carry dynamic information and the coherence and involvement it brought to any system it was put into.  The new Signature Reference though takes everything to another level and there’s more than a hint of the outstanding capabilities of Sarum speaker cable.

    Extremely neutral, musically transparent and capable of producing profound improvements in all the systems we’ve tried it in.

    Signature Reference is built in the same way as the original Signature.  Each set is made to order and the two conductors are held in place with a precision machined aluminium clamp and twisted along their length to improve flexibility (Signature Reference is markedly more flexible than the original Signature).  The aluminium clamp is designed to hold the cable securely but avoid any compression on the cable itself.  Like Signature, Signature Reference is available in red and black and also in all black as well.  We loved the look of the original Signature but we think that Signature Reference looks wonderful in all black.