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Chord Sarum Super Aray Digital Interconnect

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Chord Sarum Super Aray Digital Interconnect


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The differences between the original version of Sarum and the Tuned ARAY versions was pretty profound; it wasn’t just more detail or better dynamics and separation, it wasn’t just a better sense of space and separation, or a far better image and depth.  What made it so compelling was the huge step forward in musical coherence - and with that, the sudden ease of emotional involvement with whatever music you listened to. Truly a music lover’s cable.

The improvements that Super ARAY technology bring over Tuned ARAY are of about the same magnitude; pretty profound - and that sense of increased musical involvement is illustrated perfectly by the Sarum Tuned ARAY digital cables.

Everyone who’s heard the Sarum Super ARAY digital says the same thing “The system sounds so much more musical”.  That’s probably the best way of describing the improvements that the new Sarum Super ARAY digital cable brings. It makes it so much easier to appreciate and get involved in the performance rather than the recording.

What makes the Super ARAY cables so important is their ability to completely transform the performance of the equipment they are used with, and in a way that you instantly know is right. That ability to let you hear the real performance of your system can border on the spectacular. That makes a compelling case for listening to the Sarum Super ARAY cables in your system and with your choice of music. For a music lover they might be the best purchase you make.

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