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Chord Rumour Install Speaker Cable

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Chord Rumour Install Speaker Cable


Add £51.00 for 2m
£85.00 for 3m
£119.00 for 4m
£153.00 for 5m
£187.00 for 6m
£221.00 for 7m
£255.00 for 8m
£289.99 for 9m
£322.00 for 10m

Termination fro £48.00


“Putting Chord Rumour into my system really helped, bass seemed to go really deep but sounded so controlled as well.”

Rumour is a remarkably compatible speaker cable and can be used with almost any amplifier and speaker, from mini systems right up to large floor standing speakers.  

Two sets of silver-plated conductors are insulated with PTFE and arranged in a twisted configuration, a design feature that was so successful we used it on all our other speaker cables.  On standard Rumour the PTFE insulated conductors are held in place by a vibration damping outer jacket, adding up to a speaker cable that offers a lot of performance and has a diameter of only 6mm.
If, however, space really is an issue, consider Rumour Install.  Rumour Install has the same high quality conductors as Rumour 2, but without the outer jacket. Rumour Install measures only 4mm by 2mm.  A perfect installation cable, with a lot of performance.

Rumour will produce excellent definition right through the frequency range, outstanding dynamics and once run in, an outstandingly neutral tonal quality.  

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