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Chord ChordMusic Analogue XLR

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Chord ChordMusic Analogue XLR

ChordMusic XLR interconnects possess the same extraordinary combination of clarity and neutrality as the rest of the range.  So like the ChordMusic DIN and RCA cables, it will let you further into every piece of music you play and bring a level of musical coherence that can shock with its ability to communicate feeling and emotions.

However – if your equipment has both XLR and RCA connectors we urge you to try both types.  ChordMusic should let you hear the differences in performance between the RCA and XLR connections more clearly and more musically than any other cable. It should be easy to decide which one you prefer..

ChordMusic features a unique insulation material we call Taylon® – designed as an improvement to the widely used PTFE.   Taylon® is phase stable and that stability, combined with our unique Super ARAY geometry, means we can take cable performance to a completely new level.

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