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    Chord C-Line

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    The C-Line is a new exciting interconnect at a very affordable price.

    Two things set it apart from previous Chord interconnects in this price range:
    Firstly - it is the most affordable interconnect to use ARAY techniques in the Chord Company line-up.
    Secondly - to gain the level of performance that ARAY techniques produce, the C-line is the first analogue interconnect that has been built elsewhere, every other analogue interconnect is built by hand at the Chord headquarters in Wiltshire.

    Chord have spent the last twelve months working with a long-standing and trusted manufacturer, developing the C-line to a point where they can be certain that cable is built to the same high standard. Like every other Chord interconnect, each C-line will be tested and packaged in the UK.

    Cable Specs:

    • Psedo-balanced Oxygen fgree copper conductors
    • ARAY technology
    • Unique direct gold-plating technology
    • fully floating high density shielding
    • ultra reliable over-moulded strain relief
    • available RCA to RCA in 0.5m and 1.0m lengths