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Introducing the latest edition of Bowers & Wilklins classic on-ear noise-isolating headphones. This edition retains the original understated style and luxurious leather ear pads. while raising the bar for sound quality thanks to an all-new drive unit design. The result is a whole new standard for on-ear heafphones acoustics. The sound is wonderfully open and spacious. Bass is powerful but also natural and controlled. Subtle details are revealed and brought to life.

You will forget the headphones, and just feel the music.

The drivers in the new P5 Series 2 are designed to work like those in a Hi-Fi speaker, with a more precise, controlled movement. The result is a giant leap forward in sound quality. The P5 Series 2 ear pads feature an acoustically optimised grille pattern. This allows air to move freely through the pads, reducing acoustic impedance to a mimimum.

The P5 S2 are tuned by experts, which requires fine judgement and an expert set of ears. For P5 Series 2, B&W have relied upon the best ears in the business, using the same tuning team responsible for their flagship 800 series speakers.

The P5 Series 2 are crafted from High quality materials, with aluminium and supple sheep's leather, for maximum comfort and durability. Ultra-soft cushioning makes them very easy on the ears. The ear pads are held in place with magnets, so you can easily detach them to change the cable, or replace them if they get damages. Why buy new headphones if all you need is a new set of pads?

The P5 Series 2 is perfect for your iPhone, and comes with an easy to use, Apple approved microphone cable, for taking calls and controlling your device on the move.

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