In the last few years, the growth in turntables has been enormous. The time has come for the turntable to retake its position. Vinyl sales are up year on, and companies such as AVID HIFI and Linn are launching more and more high-quality products for the discerning listener.

Turntables (26)

AVIDHIFI Acutus Reference Mono SP


AVIDHIFI Acutus Reference (Excludes Arm & Cartridge)


Linn LP12 Klimax


AVIDHIFI Acutus Classic (Excludes Arm & Cartridge)


AVIDHIFI Acutus Dark


AVIDHIFI Sequel SP (Excludes Arm & Cartridge)


Linn Akurate LP12 Turntable


AVIDHIFI Volvere SP (Excludes Arm & Cartridge)


Mark Levinson No5105 Turntable