T+A Event System 

                PSD 3100HV is the universal control center for a High-End system, requiring only the connection of suitable power amplifiers or active loudspeakers. With an array of professional digital inputs, FM, FM-HD, DAB+ radio, Bluetooth and Connect services, and
                streaming for local and global Internet and network sources.

                PS 3000 HV is a supplementary mains unit which was developed specifically for the A 3000 HV power amplifier and the PA 3100 HV integrated amplifier. Both
                deliver more than 500 Watts of power into 4 Ohms,and at such a high level of sound quality and performance that simply increasing the output power -
                and with it the voltage - produces no significant improvement in sound.

                PA 3100 HV is a further development of the PA 3000 HV, and most of its sub-assemblies are identical. The immediately obvious difference is the pair of VU meters
                in the front panel, which display the power generated per channel in logarithmic form in Watts into 4 Ohms. A revision of the pre-amplifier section (D.C. coupling)
                has brought an additional improvement in sound quality.

                We also enjoyed the amazing soundstage created by the Vimberg Tonda Diamond. You  have the choice: the Tonda comes with a 30 mm ceramic tweeter or optional
                with a 30 mm diamond tweeter. With our unique VIMBERG crossover technology the ceramic tweeter offers a clarity and openness in the high-frequency level rarely heard. And for those who want to have the reference choice we do offer the even more exquisite 30 mm pure diamond tweeter option - and call it Tonda D.

                Please email or call 01603 627010 to arrange your private audition.

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