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    Linn Akubarik Passive Speakers

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    Elegant and powerful, Akubarik Passive features a high-quality passive crossover allowing for a connection to any amplifier.

    Our designers had a clear goal in mind for the design of Akubarik: to take the elegance and precision of the Klimax 350 and package it into a more compact enclosure, suitable for any size of room.

    The simplicity of the design brief is reflected in the elegance of the curved cabinet, but look beneath the surface and you'll discover just how much Linn technology has been packed into this unique speaker in order to deliver its outstanding performance.

    Available in both integrated Exakt and Passive versions, both models feature Linn's reference 3K Driver Array and Isobarik bass system. Simply choose which model best suits your system, and which finish best complements your room. Then just sit back and enjoy your music as you've never heard it before.

    • Built-in high quality passive crossover
    • Upgradeable to Exakt
    • Isobarik Bass system for rich, deep, accurate bass
    • Patented Linn 3K Driver Array for wider dispersion, precise high frequency response and single-point source accuracy
    • Ultra-low resonance, pressure-formed cabinet
    • Standard and high gloss real wood veneer or bespoke colour finishes
    • A choice of chrome or black finish on the 3K array

    • Type // 5-way floorstanding integrated active loudspeaker

    • Drive Units // 13mm(0.5”) 25mm(1”) 75mm(3”) 150mm(6.5”) upper bass, 2 x 200mm (8”) isobaric Lower Bass

    • Opperating Volume // 44 Litres

    • Crossover // Fully Aktiv (Internal Modules)

    • Crossover Points // 110Hz, 318Hz, 3.6kHz, 9.84kHz

    • Bass Roll-on // 19Hz, 40Hz, 60Hz

    • Input Impedance // 7.5kΩ

    • Frequency Range (-3dB)  // 28Hz - 20+kHz

    • Mains Supply Frequency // 50-60Hz

    • Mains Input Voltage (auto-sensing) // 100 – 120V  200 – 240V

    • Connection Options // Balanced XLR

    • Magnetic Shielding // No

    • Weight (Excluding Stand) // 46kg / 101lb

    • Dimensions (HxWxD) // 1050mm x 351mm x 450mm