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What is "Precision Record Cleaning" ?

  • A tiny precise suction tip, scanning across the disc a little at a time, removing every last trace of contaminated fluid - especially the mold release oils from the pressing stamper.  Noise reduction is of course important, but removal of oils and residues is the biggest benefit of "proper" record cleaning.

  • Removing oils from outgassed materials and excess mold release agents from the original manufacturing (newer audiophile pressings being a prime example) allows the stylus to track the groove more faithfully, optimising the clarity of sound, and allowing the rest of your wonderful system to really sing.

  • Precision Record Cleaning restores and preserves your treasured records and also your precious stylus

  • Safe, proven method and results

  • Yes, "miracles do take a little longer" ... but longer makes perfect.  And with the auto shut off (Redux, microLight) or drop-down suction wand (Prodigy) for unattended cleaning, you really won't notice.

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Keith Monks Record Cleaners (3)

Keith Monks microLight


Keith Monks Prodigy


Keith Monks discOveryOne Redux