Every time we design, engineer, and finely craft equipment, we think about the concept of the ``Contemporary Audiophile`` meaning that each product must satisfy two main criteria: First, it must deliver all our signature sonic qualities in order to re-create the musical event in its entirety with absolute realism. Second, it must be easy to use every day and a pleasure to live with. These are the principles we are after because we are “contemporary audiophiles” ourselves.

Gold Note is mature and young at the same time, with a great vision and great professionals. The challenge to keep up-to-date has been and remains one of the most important for us. Just as it is essential for the brand to always seek the excellence of the places where it originated - Tuscany - and to underline its great beauty that is unique in the world.

Goldnote (11)

Gold Note B-5.1


Gold Note B-7 Ceramic


Gold Note Tuscany


Gold Note Machiavelli MkII


Gold Note Donatello


Gold Note Vasari


Gold Note PA-10


Gold Note DS-10


Gold Note DS-10 Plus