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Gold Note

Gold Note PH1000

Gold Note PH1000


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Gold Note PH1000

The Gold Note PH-1000 is simply the best Phono Stage we have ever created, a unique piece of audio engineering designed to be innovative in every possible way and 100% made in Italy. Featuring class A exclusive discrete components like a class A headphone output, +40 EQ curves preset, 4 custom EQ curves manually adjustable, and the high-quality class A line preamp which comes as optional.

For the first time ever, you will be able to play virtually any record the way it’s meant to be thanks to more than 40 EQ curves available, or even customise the EQ curves manually by adjusting three main parameters – that’s why the PH-1000 is a complete game-changer, opening a new era in vinyl reproduction.


With 14 Gain levels and 12 Load levels, as well as 7 Capacitance options dedicated to MM cartridges, it is the ideal phono stage for high-performance analogue systems, capable of driving even the most exotic cartridges with perfect synergy, making the PH-1000 a professional instrument for high-end studio recording.
On top of that, you can change settings and make ultra-fine adjustments, including the EQ curve, simply by using the SKC and the display as you are playing music. Our innovative technology allows the best ease of use while preserving entirely the sound quality as it works in the analogue domain: the interface is digital and independent from the audio path, which is completely analogue. The result is an ultra-low noise phono stage with high gain and no audio filters.
All the functionalities are in fact managed through discrete audio-grade components and sealed single switches, always shortening the signal path to deliver superior audio quality and extract even the finest details from the vinyl record. Powered by our custom firmware, the PH-1000 can be easily updated via computer when necessary.


The PH-1000 offers 3 independent inputs, two RCA and one XLR. There are also 2 other inputs, one RCA and one XLR, that can be used either for the external load plugs for even finer control of the Load or as line inputs on the PH-1000 with Preamp.
Add the other functionalities, such as the Headphone Output, the Stereo/Mono control with phase inversion, the L/R Channel Swap, and the Rumble Subsonic Filter, and here you have it, the most advanced phono stage on the market.


The level of quality meets the highest standard throughout the entire production: from the aluminium ultra-solid chassis machined with precision to the electronic components and circuitry that undergo strict QC computer-controlled tests.


RIAA, Capitol, Columbia/CBS, Deutsche Grammophon, Decca London USA, Decca London UK, and Decca Mono 78rpm,
Epic, HMW, Mercury, RCA Victor, Philips, Elektra, L’Oliseau-Lyre, Parlophone, and more. Each curve can be “enhanced” with our proprietary technology inspired by the Neumann Cutting Lathe for superior dynamic and musicality.


The PH-1000 shows every detail on the colour display powered by our proprietary firmware. With the SKC (Single Knob Control technology) and the display, you have an intuitive system to easily control the phono stage and quickly make fine adjustments without even interrupting the playback.


You can now enjoy the shortest audio path ever with the PH-1000, your turntable, and your headphones – that’s all you need for the audio signal to go from the vinyl directly into your headphones without the need for additional stages.


For the most demanding audiophiles, the PH-1000 can also be further enhanced with our external power supply PSU-1250 / PSU- 1000, or even the external tube output stage TUBE-1012 / TUBE-1006, to reach the highest level of musical realism in terms of dynamic, details, and imaging.