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Fyne Audio

Fyne Audio F302i

Fyne Audio F302i


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Fyne Audio
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Fyne Audio F302i Loudspeakers

Upgrading the already award-winning Fyne Audio 302 has been a clever step forward from the people at Fyne Audio, rather than introduce a completely new product they have given us some subtle tweaks that help these speakers take that next step forward.

The upgrades and improvements on the F302i are improved tweeter and housing, plus we have added F500 style rear grille storage. The original 25mm tweeter has been replaced by a design inspired by the more upmarket F500, a new titanium design replaces the original 25mm polyester dome.

Taking the performance characteristic of its sibling F301 bookshelf design, the floor standing F302i, with its increased cabinet volume, takes the music listening experience to an altogether more dynamic level.

The enhanced depth of bass will be appreciated even if listening to the speaker at relatively low volume levels. And the increased power handling capacity ensures that our What HiFi 5 Star F302i won’t suffer from musical compression or distortion for those times when you just have to turn up the volume.


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