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AVIDHIFI Sequel SP (Excludes Arm & Cartridge)

AVIDHIFI Sequel SP (Excludes Arm & Cartridge)


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(Excludes Arm & Cartridge)

Sequel is so much more than a step-up model from the Volvere. With a touch of high-end engineering finesse, the already robust chassis and structure benefit from a bespoke suspension system, bearing and platter.

Following AVID's policy of continuous improvement, upgrades to the power supply and motor which we developed for our Acutus Reference model have also been applied here, using the same principles of DSP signal generation to reduce vibration and allow fine calibration of motor speed.

The twin belt drive and revised bearing make the improvement in sound quality instantly noticeable over the Volvere.
Additionally, our new improved stronger main chassis now integrates the arm cable management.

Building upon the strengths of the standard Volvere model, the presentation is dramatically focussed and paints a vividly realistic image of the recording.

Aside from the superlative audio performance, the Sequel is one of the more aesthetically pleasing models in the world of high-end turntables and a worthy centerpiece for any domestic hi-fi system.