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AVIDHIFI Pulsus Phono Stage

AVIDHIFI Pulsus Phono Stage


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AVID's Pulsare established a new benchmark in sound quality that a phono stage can achieve.

'The difference between simply listening to music and experiencing it.'

Pulsus embodies the experience gained during the development of the Pulsare to design this high quality but economically priced phono stage. Many of the Pulsare's features have been retained such as the switchable flexibility and separate power supply.

Again designed from first principles, Pulsus is an un-balanced design, but still keeping noise exceptionally low. Distortion across the audio spectrum is exceptionally very low and with impressive headroom, a character common to all our electronic designs.

Pulsus employs extremely high-specification components for its retail cost. Inputs and outputs are both gold-plated RCA. Gain, resistance and capacitance are all easily adjustable from the underside of the casework and offer exceptional flexibility and ease of use.

A passive RIAA (with Neumann HF correction) circuit using high-end capacitors, helps maintain linearity of reproduction; and an external regulated power supply provides refined smooth power to maintain its poise.

Passionately manufactured within our own facilities, everything from PCB assembly, testing and quality control to the high-quality casework ensures a long lasting reliable product, all at a very affordable price.